ICFI 2007

International Conference on Feature Interactions in Software and Communication Systems
Maison MJK

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About ICFI

The International Conference on Feature Interactions in Software and Communication Systems (ICFI) has evolved out of the Feature Interaction Workshop, and is now concerned in all types of software systems. It has been the leading forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators in the field, and the most dedicated place for discussion and reporting on research in the feature interaction problem in telecommunications and software systems since 1992. The forum includes:

  • Invited speakers
  • Presentation of research papers
  • Short presentations
  • Posters
  • Tool demonstrations

ICFI’07 is the ninth in a series of international events addressing the issue of feature interactions. The seven previous ones were called workshops, but ICFI has renamed itself a conference reflecting the fact that it is the primary event in the field of feature interactions. The conference aims to bring together representatives of the telecommunications industry, the software industry, and the research community working on various aspects of feature interactions in order to discuss possible solutions and their practical applications, as well as setting directions for further research. Active debates will be encouraged; participants are invited to contribute topics for discussion. Poster presentations and tool demonstrations are also warmly welcomed. Original research papers are solicited, as well as brief reports on ongoing research and research already published elsewhere. ’Best paper’ prizes will be awarded. As in the case of previous workshops in the series, the proceedings will be published in a book by a major international publisher.

The Feature Interaction Problem

Feature interaction occurs when one feature modifies or subverts the operation of another one. This phenomenon can occur in any software system that is subject to changes; it is becoming a major issue in software product lines.

The proliferation of players and software/service engineering techniques coupled with the constant pressure for the rapid introduction of new services and applications lead to undesirable interactions that jeopardize the quality of the products delivered as well as the satisfaction of the users. Detecting, solving, preventing, and managing such interactions at different stages of the development process are more than ever important problems that need to be addressed with cost-effective techniques and tools.

The feature interaction problem was first studied in the domain of telecommunications systems. Although interactions among classical telephony features are now fairly well understood, the feature interaction problem presents new challenges in emerging types of systems based on policies, dynamic (Web) services, mobility, or new architectures such as Parlay, 3G, .NET, or GRID and active networks, and in product-line engineering. . Techniques successfully applied to conventional telecommunications systems are still useful in many cases, yet they may no longer be able to cope with the complexity of emerging systems. For example, the implementation of a software product-line leads to a high degree of variability within its components and its architecture. Variability can be dealt with through feature modelling and feature modularity. Feature interaction in this context is becoming a hot topic.

Conference History

Previous occurrences of ICFI were called the Feature Interaction Workshop (FIW).

Year Location Chairs
FIW’92 St. Petersburg, Florida, USA N. Griffeth, Y.-J. Lin
FIW’94 Amsterdam, The Netherlands L.G. Bouma, H. Velthuijsen
FIW’95 Kyoto, Japan K.E. Cheng, T. Ohta
FIW’97 Montreal, Canada P. Dini, R. Boutaba, L. Logrippo
FIW’98 Lund, Sweden K. Kimbler, L.G. Bouma
FIW’00 Glasgow, Scotland M. Calder, E. Magill
FIW’03 Ottawa, Canada D. Amyot, L. Logrippo
ICFI’05 Leicester, UK S. Reiff-Marganiec, M. D. Ryan

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