Generation of elementary operations

From a UML class diagram, RoZ can generate the specification of all the base operations of the diagram classes : for each attribute of a given class, a modification operation is generated. Moreover if the class is concrete, the specification of operations adding or deleting an object to/from the class objects are added.

For example, a class "PERSON" represents the members of a group and has the attributes his/her lastname, firstname, telephone numbers and the number of a card to access buildings. The operations "ChangeLastname", "Change-Firstname", "ChangeTel", "ChangeCardnb", "AddPerson" and "Remove-Person" are generated automatically by RoZ. The specification of these operations is contained in their form. For instance, let us consider "ChangeLastname" which allows to modify the last name of a person. In the "Details" tab, the operation has an argument "newlastname" which is the input parameter of the operation. The "Semantics" field contains the key-word intension operation which signifies that "ChangeLastname" is an operation on the attributes of the class. In the "PostConditions" tab, the post condition of the operation is written as a Z Latex type : it means that the new value of the attribute "lastname" is the argument of the operation "newlastname" and that the others attributes of "PERSON" are unchanged by the operation.

 last update by Sophie Dupuy, 14 october 1999